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Sleepless in Singapore

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Well it is 4 am and I have finally given up on sleep after 2 hours of laying awake. May as well do something productive. No free wifi here so I will type this up in notes ready to publish when I pay for some internet time. I am frustrated cos I have a whole lot of blog written for Wales and Leeds but it just needs some photos off the camera to add to it to finish it off. I haven't been able to connect my camera to my iPad wirelessly through most of the hotel internet we have used. Not sure if it is something I am doing wrong but it is beyond by techie capabilities.
So we are in Singapore. The flight was uneventful but none of us got much sleep on the plane. I let myself fall asleep in the late afternoon, not long after we had boarded. Bad idea. I had about an hour then woke up for dinner and then couldn't sleep for pretty much the rest of the trip. We had a large group of young adults sitting in most of the 2 rows in front of us who were very 'social' and just wanted to party on, so that didn't help. Dylan didn't sleep at all and in hindsight I should have given him a pill. I did catch a couple of excellent movies though, highly recommend Saving Mr Banks and Philomena. Also read for a bit. I am trying to read Coleen Mculloch's First Man in Rome but am struggling with it and that is what put me to sleep in the first place!
So we arrived feeling pretty wrecked, as it was only about 11am and our rooms weren't ready yet so grabbed a coffee then a swim and a shower........rooms still not ready. So we did the hotel buffet lunch (which was absolutely outstanding btw). Anyway they must have felt sorry for us coz they had kept us waiting so they upgraded us to better connecting rooms on the 20th floor. Score! The view is fabulous, fluffy towels, robes, slippers...... Nice. We hadn't complained but we must have looked pretty bad laying about semi comatose in the lobby and they took pity on us :)
Had a small nanna nap which was about an hour more than I should have had. Had to put a rocket under the kids to wake them up. Freshened up and out for a wander around town and then some dinner and bed.
It was a slow start the next day, we did our usual city orientation on the hop on / off bus. We bought our stopover as a package with Singapore Airlines so there were lots of free attractions and passes thrown in with the accommodation which makes it very cost effective.

Our hotel was right across the road from the fire station, Dylan and Dave were on constant alert for a call out
Singapore is a beautiful city. Very clean with magnificent trees and beautiful gardens. We jumped off on the stop for the Singapore Flyer for a birds eye view. The Singapore Flyer is a bit like the London eye. It was a great way to orient ourselves. From there we grabbed some lunch. After lunch Holly and I decided it would be fun to go to the fish, foot spa we had seen earlier. This is one of those places where they get you to put your feet into water and tiny fish have a bit of a feed on them to tidy things up (so to speak). It really is the most bizarre feeling. You start off in the tank with the baby fish which are about an inch long. It kind of tickles a bit at first and was pretty funny. After that they graduate you to the next size which are a couple of inches and then a third. When we put our feet into the second the fish went into I but of a feeding frenzy and it really tickles. Holly and I got the giggles and you have to really focus and breath other wise you can't stand it. You are in for about half an hour all together. I could have done with another 3 hours the state my feet were in, but they were definitely improved.
While we did this Dylan had a neck and shoulder massage and absolutely loved it. He actually fell asleep while being massaged and now will want one all the time I think.

After this we finished the bus tour and headed back to the hotel for a swim. It is very steamy here all the time. I could never live here! Our plan was to freshen up then walk out to Marina on the Bay to see the Gardens on the Bay and the light show there having dinner on the way somewhere.
The gardens were wonderful but the most amazing thing was the light show. The pics tell the story. It really was impressive.


Singapore really is beautiful at night too. The city lights were fantastic. There are some pretty amazing looking buildings. On the way back we came across this big fountain which kind of looks like water going down a gigantic drain hole. It is quite hypnotic to watch it swirl around on such a large scale. Aden had to do a major science project while we were away and he chose to do it on the correalis effect. This is the way water water goes down the drain depending if you are in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere. Perfect large scale exhibition of this for his slide show when he goes back to school! Feeling very tired we grabbed a cab home. It had been a very pleasant day.


The next morning we opted for an early start we packed up our bags and left them at the hotel then headed to Sentosa resort world for the day. Our flight home wasn't until the early hours of the next morning so we didn't have to be back to get the airport shuttle until 9 pm. Our first stop was universal studios theme park. This is something that the kids (they really are just big kids) had really been looking forward to and in the Jurassic Park World Dylan was in his element. The first ride we went on was one of those water things and we got absolutely soaked. This was good coz it was soo hot and sticky. Much hotter than the previous day. We went through all the worlds and the various rides, Dave and I opted to put our feet up and watch and wait for quite a few rides.

After that we worked out that we had free tickets to use at any 2 other attractions of our choice. We decided to try the Segway ride. This was a bit of fun, Dylan was very wary as he hates things where balance is put to the test. He persevered and gave it a try and went really well suggesting that he could use one to get to work by the end. Aden loved it and of course was a master after about 5 seconds. We laughed because being the only 'child' he had to wear all the padding for safety. We were the ones who probably needed the padding!

Not sure where Dave was heading on his Segway, I think he was keen to get moving, either that or he had no control whatsoever!

From there we went to the luge track. We had done this before and had great fun at Rotorua when we were in NZ. From there we took a cable car back into the city. Spent ages fining a taxi to get back to the hotel but got there eventually. Had a quick shower in the gym at the hotel ready to head to the airport. Our whirlwind tour of Singapore was over and so was our holiday.....sad but a teensy bit excited to be sleeping in my own bed again.
What a wonderful time we have had!

I hope everyone has enjoyed my blog. I have enjoyed compiling it and appreciate those who gave the encouragement to keep writing. I now have a wonderful keepsake of our time away which I will be able to look back on. Sorry for all the grammatical errors and lack of punctuation! I have thought about going back and correcting some things but decided that would probably be a bit anal, and I really do have better things to do. Some of the early entries are a bit dodgy coz I didn't really know how to use the application very well. Apparently you can have them made into a book........ It's ok I am not going to give you all copies for Christmas! You are safe for now !

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It has been absolutely wonderful to get the commentary and the beautiful pictures all the time you have been away. Well done Andrea.

by Lyn Royal

Fantastic record of a fabulous trip.......our kids have (had to) kept journals for every trip since they were 3 and still look back on them with so much joy even now they are quite seasoned travellers.......very well worth the effort Ang. We've truly enjoyed travelling with you (well, vicariously at least) and will miss your lovely insights into your adventure. Looking fwd to catching up with you all soon.

by Peter

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